Vegetarian menu in Perugia: a celebration of flavours and traditions

Umbrian cuisine for vegetarians

Umbrian cuisine is renowned for its authenticity and richness of flavour, and fortunately, vegetarians can also enjoy an extraordinary dining experience in the beautiful region of Umbria. With a variety of fresh local ingredients and traditional dishes, Umbrian cuisine offers a wide range of options for vegetarians who wish to explore the regional culinary delights without compromising their dietary choices. The vegetarian menu in Perugia includes:

  • Bruschetta all aglio e olio: a simple but delicious start to an Umbrian meal is bruschetta all aglio e olio. This classic starter involves slices of toasted bread rubbed with fresh garlic and dressed with extra virgin olive oil. The simplicity of this dish allows one to fully appreciate the flavour of Umbrian olive oil, renowned for its exceptional quality and taste
  • Ribollita: a typical Umbrian soup that can easily be adapted for vegetarians. Prepared with fresh seasonal vegetables such as black cabbage, cannellini beans, tomatoes and carrots, this soup simmers for a rich, full-bodied flavour.
  • The torta al testo: a typical Umbrian bread similar to a focaccia baked on an earthenware testo. This bread can be filled with a variety of vegetarian ingredients, such as pecorino cheese, grilled vegetables, dried tomatoes or olives. The torta al testo filled with fresh and tasty ingredients makes a light and delicious meal.

Vegetarian menu in Perugia: what to eat

The vegetarian menu in Perugia offers numerous dishes, all to be enjoyed. From first and second courses to desserts. Umbrian pasta is another speciality that vegetarians can fully enjoy. Strangozzi, for example, are fresh pasta spaghetti served with black truffle sauce, a culinary treasure of Umbria. The intense flavour of the truffle blends perfectly with the simplicity of the pasta, creating a highly refined dish. Finally, Umbrian cuisine is also famous for its traditional desserts. The torcolo, a leavened dough cake with sultanas and walnuts, and the ciaramicola, an almond cake with white icing.