Sika deer hunting in ireland: what to know

What is sika deer hunting in ireland

Ireland is considered the land par excellence in which to hunt all those migratory birds that go there to spend the winter season. In particular, the southwestern tip of Ireland, near the mountains of County Kerry offer a wonderful and ideal landscape for hunters. It is precisely the characteristics of the area, which have increased considerably in recent years, that have coincided with a significant increase in wildlife. Animals are a reality in this enchanting country, giving hunters the opportunity to try their hand at different types of game hunting. As far as sika deer hunting in Ireland is concerned, the period is divided for males from the first of September to 31 December and for females from the first of November to 28 February. The season generally starts between mid to late September and extends until the first week of November. The best period is considered to be September and December. The Sika deer is medium-sized, massive, with a thin head and spotted coat, a medium-length tail and simple antlers. It is a species with highly developed eyesight and very fine hearing, characteristics that make these animals difficult to surprise. 

How to hunt

The mode for sika deer hunting in Ireland is by foot. The best times of day, in the forest and in areas with more vegetation, are early morning or late afternoon. The male weighs around 60.00 kg. The success rate, according to some estimates, of hunting a deer is around 75%. One of the fundamental things when approaching hunting is clothing, which must necessarily be waterproof. If you can, it is always better to avoid wearing a waxed jacket, because when it gets wet it becomes stiff and prevents you from moving freely. The best solution is waterproof, breathable and soft jackets in a colour that is not too flashy.